Balea gel za tuširanje cvijet jabuke s uljnim perlicama- RECENZIJA

I believe that most of you can agree with me when I say that the most of my backup products contains of showering gels, body lotions/butters/milks. Sometimes I love the packaging, sometimes smell and sometimes all of the above so I just have to give them a try. At the end of the day would I buy certain product again depends on quality of actual product. So one of showering gels that was recently quite used by myself was this one by Balea with apple flower extract and oil pearls. Not only does it look so cute but it also smells amazing! What is my opinion on this product and will it find it's place again in my bathroom? Just keep reading to find out. 
Basic info about product:
·         Price:  10 kn (about $2)
·         Amount: 250 ml
·         Avalible: at Dm drugstore

Packaging of this product is really good. It's quite simple because product by itself is looking pretty interesting. Packaging is strong inought and you can easily dose the amount of product that you need.  Now this product is a bit different from any showering gels I had opportunity to try out by it's texture. Texture of this showering gel is quite jelly but also not completly tick but also not to watery at all. It's pretty interesting and I think it has something to do with this oil pearls. Maybe this texture keeps them in right shape. Anyway, I really like that texture but the only problem is that it comes out of packaging bit slower. Product is really easy to apply to your skin and it foams nicely. While you apply this gel to your skin you slightly feel exfoliating oil pearls but they disappear after few moments. They are basically releasing oil that will make your skin feel smoot and soft after your rinse gel of. I really like the smell of this gel, it's fresh and and a little bit flowery. This gorgeous smell doesn't stay on skin for very long after you rinse it of but I presonaly don't mind it. It didn't irritated my skin at all. I definitiley have ti say that no matter how much of Balea showering gels I tried this one is one of my favourites. 




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4 komentari

  1. koristila sam ovaj gel,, i meni je do sad ovo najdraži gel od Balee :D
    baš ima poseban miris, teksturu, lijepo opere tijelo :D
    mislim da ću si ga ponovo kupiti :D

    1. I ja razmišljam da si ga ponovo kupim jer mi je stvarno super :)

  2. Kupila sam ovaj gel odmah sljedeci dan nakon tvoje recenzije,bas zato da vidim da li je toliko odlican kao sto si napisala u recenziji,mogu reci da je jako super gel za tusiranje,jako lijepo mirisi i ostavlja kozu glatkom,a sto se tice da li cu ga ponovno kupiti to ne znam,jer volim uvijek isprobati nesto novo :)

    1. Hvala ti na povjerenju, meni je stvarno super i drago mi je da ti se sviđa, ni ja ga neću kupovati ponovo u skorije vrijeme jer trenutno ima dosta drugih gelova koje isprobavam/želim isprobati :)