Little changes on my blog- BLOG UPDATE

Hi everyone! So it's probably a little weird for you to see me writing on english but this is one of the bigger changes I decided to do on my blog. In this post I am just gonna tell you a bit more about changes that are hapening on my blog right now cause I tought you might wonder what is going on. Just keep reading to find out more.

Edit: all posts are gonna be translated to english within the next two weeks :)

First of all one of the most important change that is from now on on my blog is writing in english! From now on all of my blog posts are going to be double lanugaged, I will write blog posts but all of them will be wroten in both english and croatian. I own my blog for almost 2 years now and ever since I started it I saw that a lot of readers are not only from our local countreys but from all over the world and as time goes there is even more and more international readers. I always have written in croatian but I tought by starting to write in english way more pepole may understand the content of my blog and hopefully enjoy it! Maybey someone was interested in content of my blog but couldn't read it because of the language. This way I am hoping that more pepople are gonna be able to enjoy my blog if they are interested in it. I just wanted to make my blog avalible and understandeble to readers no matter where they live cause all readers for me are important and I want them to enjoy my blog. My facebook page is also in english from now on. And yes, I do have Google translateor on my blog but it is completly incorrect and useless. So that is my first big change that I wanted to share with you.

Second of all you might see that the look of my blog is changinig a bit more often and that is just because I am redesigning my page. I have couple ideas but still not sure wich one will it turn out to be at the end. :D

I am also currently working on details of my blog like about me, about blog, copyright (that is now still in croatian but I am changing it to english), etc. When it comes to my blog I want it to be just the way I want cause this is my little special place that I've puten a lot of love in so for me details matter. :)

Soo this post might not bi to long but it is just a quick update. In last few weeks there's been a lack of posts on my blog but mainly because obligations that are just over my head. This week I will hopefully catch some time to sit down, relax and finish of posts that I was preparing during last week. There is gonna be a lot of fun upcoming posts so stay tuned for that. :) Love you :*

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