L'oreal Paris 3in1 micelar solution- REVIEW



 As you may probably know few months ago L'oreal Paris came out with new micellar solution- L'oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3in1. I really wanted to try it out so I got it and now, after a while of using it, I decided to write you my detail opinion on it in this review.
What does L'oreal say:
''Sensitive as water works as make up remover, tonic and calms skin. In just a moment it removes impurities and make up from eyes, lips and face.''
First some basic info about product. L'oreal micellar solution comes in amount of 200 ml for the price of $7 and you can get it at pretty much any drugstore. After it's opened product should be used up within the next 6 months. Packaging is really good. It's strong and you can easily dose product.

First thing about this product that I noticed immediately when I started using it is that it didn't irritate my skin or eyes what so ever. That's of course amazing thing for people with sensitive eyes like myself. This micellar solution makes my skin feel soo smoot and clean. Sometimes even if I am not wearing any make up at all that day I just put a little bit of this micellar solution on a cotton pad and fresh up my skin with it. I can't describe how nice does my skin feel after! In removing make up it works wonders. Ever since I got this micellar solution it has became the only thing that I use to remove my makeup. With it I need literally just a few moments and my foundation, lipstick, mascara... is removed completely.


On following photos you can see L'oreal Paris micellar solution in action. On first photo down below there are two lines of Eveline Celebrities eyeliner and on photo #2 is how much this micellar solution removed it in only one move. So basically I removed two lines of long lasting eyeliner in only two moves without any pressure, irritation or rednesses.

My overall opinion on this product is really positive. I can honestly recommend it. After I finish this bottle I know I will buy another one cause I am honestly in love with it! Especially recommending to people with sensitive eyes.

Have you tryed out this micellar solution? How do you like it?

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