In last few weeks this tag has be getting popular on blogs/youtube channels and it seemed quite interesting so I decided to join it. This tag is (as you can realize from the title) called ''Use up 6 till Christmas Tag''. Goal of this tag it to try use up any 6 products that you choose. They can be make up, skincare, perfumes, etc. Only rule of this tag is that every 25th day a month you have to do update on your progress. Depending on I joined this tag a bit later there is gonna be two updates on my blog. First one will be November 25th and second one on Christmas (aka December 25th). And this are products I choosed...

BaleaCreme Ol Bodylotion (click for review)- I already wrote review on this product. It's amazing bodylotion. One of the best bodylotions Balea ever had. I used it on daily basis so I got little bored of it and unfairly neglected it in last few weeks. Now this tube is about more than half full and I am happy to be using it again.

Cien Facial Toner- bought this toner several days ago so it's completely new. Still haven't tested it out so I don't know what to expect.

Balea handlotion Sheabutter & Arganoil- I honestly don't konw why I have neglected this product! Besides it smells amazing and it comes in super practical big packaging it's really good in skincare. I used it couple times but there is still a lot of product left because amount you get is pretty amazing.

L'oreal Paris skin perfection micelar solution- I wrote review about it HERE. Ever since I started using it, it became one of my favourite products in skincare. It dissolves make up really good and it also cleans your skin. There is a little bit less than a half of product left in this bottle.

Labello lip butter vanilla & macadamia- I'm using it for quite a while now and I love it! I use it on daily basis, usually when I am at home and every night before I go to bed. And let me just tell you it's soo hard to use it up. Maybe that's just me but even doe I am using it often not even half of product is used up. It's gonna be challenging.

And last but not least here is Essence Get big lashes triple black mascara. It's the only make up product that i picked for this tag. It is actually not bad at all but it set on side because at the moment I was using some other mascaras.

So there you have it all of six products I am gonna try to use up till Christmas. I don't know who would I tag but if this tag seems interesting to any of you I am taging you to do it! Btw are you already excited for holidays ? I know I am.

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8 komentari

  1. Ja sam nedavno potrošila Balea uljani losion, ali ne vjerujem da ću ponavljati kupovinu, nemam suhu kožu tijela i kupila sam ga iz radoznalosti. Vjerujem da ćeš brzo potrošiti L'Oreal micelarnu :) meni je Labello trajalo mjesecima uz redovno korištenje, valjda ćeš uspjeti da ga potrošiš :D sretno sa izazovom :D

    1. Hvala :) Slažem se za Labello maslac i ja ga koristim već jako dugo i to svakodnevno no nisam još ni na pola došla, moram priznati da mi to ne pada teško jer ga obožavam :D

  2. Nisam napravila post ovakvoga oblika,premda sama za sebe vodim tu bitku da potrošim nešto do božića :D...sviđa mi se Balea losion za ruke,imam suhu kožu ruku pa mislim da bi mi odgovarao :D

    1. Super je što se hidratacije tiče :)

  3. imam isti maslac i nema sanse da se on moze potrositi,nikako ! kao i maleni melem, ali su pre slatki obozavam ih .D

    1. Da, doista traje jako jako dugo. I ja ga obožavam :)


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